Explanation on Opportunity Zones and Tax Credits

2020-11-12T23:22:59+00:00June 28th, 2020|

By Warren A. Kirshenbaum Within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 20171 (the “Tax Reform Legislation”), was a provision that initially did not generate much interest and excitement, but it may be one of the most significant tax reform codifications that we have seen in decades. View This White Paper [...]

Development of Brownfield Sites

2020-11-12T23:45:43+00:00June 18th, 2020|

By Warren A. Kirshenbaum The idea of taking on a brownfield site for redevelopment can be intimidating, especially for developers who don’t have experience remediating contaminated land. However, the term “brownfield” when describing a property does not need to conjure up the daunting image of a Superfund level cleanup.... View This White Paper [...]

How Opportunity Zones Can Aid in the Remediation of Brownfields Properties

2020-11-13T00:14:06+00:00June 18th, 2020|

By Warren A. Kirshenbaum Terms such as “Opportunity Zones” and “Brownfields” do not easily roll off the tongue, but they are our “terms of art” for programs with enormous potential: allowing real estate development and investment professionals to turn challenging building projects into very successful accomplishments... View This White Paper

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