Cherrytree_Group, including the managment team of Warren Kirshenbaun, Melina Ambrosino and Jake Vezga

The Cherrytree Group has assembled a stellar team of tax credit consultant, government policy specialists, investor relations associates, commercial real estate professionals, attorneys and accountants. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the executives on this page to ask any question in the area of Federal or state tax credits — without any obligation.

Warren Kirshenbaum
Warren KirshenbaumPresident
Warren Kirshenbaum is the President of the Cherrytree Group, LLC. Warren founded Cherrytree in 2011 and has spent the past nine years building Cherrytree into a specialist tax credit consultation, brokerage, and syndication firm. He has utilized his expertise to build an office that focuses on the structural and development finance aspects of tax incentivized real estate based transactions, particularly in the environmental remediation (Brownfields), renewable energy, and historic rehabilitation areas.

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Melina Ambrosino
Melina AmbrosinoExecutive Vice President
Melina Ambrosino is the Executive Vice President at the Cherrytree Group. She joined the Cherrytree Group team at its inception in 2011; and has worked extensively with the various tax credit incentive programs in Massachusetts. At the Cherrytree Group, Melina focuses on business development, client relations and day-to-day operations while dedicating herself to understanding fundamentals of these tax credit incentive programs so that she can expand the Cherrytree Group’s client base and help the business expand organically. Melina serves as the first point of contact for LSPs, developers, and real estate professionals, assisting them in determining their tax credit eligibility and helping to structure their projects accordingly.

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Jacob Vezga
Jacob VezgaTax Credit Manager
Jake brings extensive customer service experience to the Cherrytree Group. As tax credit manager, Jake provides back-end support for state and environmental tax credit deals. He uses his expertise to identify eligible tax credit opportunities, as well as helping to secure Brownfields Tax Credits, saving clients tens of thousands of dollars. Jake also draws upon his years of customer service experience to communicate and coordinate with Cherrytree clients, working with the Cherrytree Group team to ensure the strongest tax credit applications.
Prior to joining the Cherrytree Group, Jake had a successful career as a licensed real estate broker and stays active in that community. Jake holds a Bachelor of Science from Bridgewater State University and is a licensed real estate broker.

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The Cherrytree Team

At Cherrytree, a unique mixture of CPAs, attorneys, analysts and government affairs specialists work together to retrieve valuable tax credits for both developers and for individual investors. Our projects are spread throughout the United States.

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