The new Inflation Reduction Act: significant incentives for investments in renewable energy.

The major legislation passed by Congress this month is nothing short of transformational. The Inflation Reduction Act (which I’ll nickname as the "Climate Tax Bill”), if passed by the House, would expand the use of Federal tax credits to advance climate stabilization goals and attempt to curb global warning. In doing so, this bill lays [...]

Cherrytree celebrates Melina!

After 10 years in business, the Cherrytree Group has been fortunate to have been able to grow to a level of strength and stability: recently surpassing $100 million in tax credits placed on behalf its clients. It’s a total team effort — but a key member of our team has been a young lady from [...]

Investment Tax Credits vs. 1031 Exchanges: which strategy is best for you?

Tax planning options are varied and complex — almost as if they were designed with some sort of mischievous intent. The Internal Revenue Code is a labyrinth of hard-to-decipher regulations intended to minimize tax sheltering and avoidance. Books could be written about the complexities — if it weren’t that those books would be out of [...]

Investing in Tax Credits saves money — and is a prudent COVID hedge.

As we all work quickly through our business day, there’s a tendency to use shorthand to describe various financial instruments, initiatives and strategies. We all do it. But sometimes the meanings can become lost. In recent interactions with our clients, I have noticed some confusion between the phrases: “tax credit investment,” “working capital needs” and [...]

Coronavirus – the positive

These are scary and uncertain circumstances that we are living through. The speed with which the Coronavirus took over our lives is truly transcendent and unparalleled, causing us to face overwhelming challenges. However, on a day when there was snow on the ground in March and Tom Brady announced that he is leaving the Patriots, you wonder how we could extract some positives from our current lives.

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