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Warren founded Cherrytree in 2011 and has spent the past eleven years building a highly specialized tax credit consultation, brokerage, and syndication firm. He has relied on three decades of experience and a law background to focus on the structural and development finance aspects of tax incentivized real estate-based transactions — particularly in the environmental remediation (Brownfields), renewable energy, and historic rehabilitation areas.
Warren Kirshenbaum

Youth Is Being Served

Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast, Aug 10, 2021 By Steve Dwyer Three BCONE members are making their mark -- and in a hurry. They’ve progressed from membership to committee chairs and/or board members in short order, and are now tasked with recruiting, and appealing to, younger industry professionals within a fledgling BCONE mentorship committee. The [...]

Ambrosino’s A Quick Study

Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast, April 15, 2021 By Steve Dwyer  How does a young brownfield industry practitioner climb so far up to the mountaintop -- and do it so quickly? At 33 years old, Melina Ambrosino, Executive Vice President of Newton, Mass.-based Cherrytree Group LLC, will let you in on a little secret: be [...]

Cherrytree Group Passes $100 Million Mark in Tax Credit Placements

Business Wire, March 11, 2021 BOSTON-The Cherrytree Group — a tax credit consulting and syndication firm based near Boston — announced a significant milestone by surpassing the $100 million mark in tax credits obtained and placed on behalf of real estate developers and investors nationally. Since its founding in 2011, the company has specialized in [...]

Investment Tax Credits vs. 1031 Exchanges: which strategy is best for you?

Tax planning options are varied and complex — almost as if they were designed with some sort of mischievous intent. The Internal Revenue Code is a labyrinth of hard-to-decipher regulations intended to minimize tax sheltering and avoidance. Books could be written about the complexities — if it weren’t that those books would be out of [...]

Investing in Tax Credits saves money — and is a prudent COVID hedge.

As we all work quickly through our business day, there’s a tendency to use shorthand to describe various financial instruments, initiatives and strategies. We all do it. But sometimes the meanings can become lost. In recent interactions with our clients, I have noticed some confusion between the phrases: “tax credit investment,” “working capital needs” and [...]

Connecticut Solar Portfolio

A Solar Investment Tax Credit allows investors to deduct 26% of installation costs from federal taxes, which applies to all residential and commercial systems. Cherrytree worked with the renewable energy developer MSL Group to successfully complete multiple projects across Connecticut. Together, these projects will realize over $2.75 million in tax credits and $8 million in [...]

Brownfields Remediation Massachusetts

PIER 4 located at 300 Pier 4 Blvd, Boston, MA 02210. Developer: Tishman Speyer. Working in an older city such as Boston creates complex challenges for the developer which took advantage of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Brownfields tax credit program to make this office building a reality. (Photo credit: flauntboston.com) Cherrytree Group has successfully [...]

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