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The Cherrytree Group offers tax credit consulting, brokerage and syndication services to real estate developers as well as to individual and institutional investors. Our company focuses primarily on historic rehabilitation tax credits, renewable energy tax credits such as the Federal solar investment tax credit, brownfield tax credits, and low-income housing tax credits.

Cherrytree has the staff, resources and capabilities to apply for, secure, and monetize tax credits from federal agencies as well as scores of state governments. We frequently syndicate tax credits to individuals using an investment platform developed to serve non-institutional investors — making available to individuals the same tax advantages long coveted by larger financial entities.

Consultation and preliminary analysis is always without obligation.

Tax Credits

“When I was first introduced to the tax credit world, various tax credit services were provided by different companies. It was a very disjointed process.  There were tax credit consultants, tax credit brokers, and tax credit syndicators, but not one place to have all these services met.  I believed that the market would welcome a company that was able to consolidate necessary services and deliver a cost effective, knowledgeable, and effective suite of services to its client-base.  I founded Cherrytree in order to build a tax credit platform that would be able to offer highly sophisticated services in a seamless manner by one entity.  Cherrytree, which has developed into a knowledge-based, relationship oriented, employee-centric, and narrowly focused company, has been able to deliver on its promise of sophistication, value and follow-through.”

-Warren Kirshenbaum

Our Growth

Since our beginnings in 2011, Cherrytree has obtained and placed over $100 million in tax credits on behalf of real estate developers and investors nationally.

In our most recent completed year, 2020, we secured and syndicated $20,800,000 of tax credits: including $8.8 million in solar energy tax credits, $6.7 million in historic credits, $3.7 million in brownfields tax credits and $1.6 million in low-income housing tax credits — in a year made difficult by Covid-19 for many in the real estate industry.

Our Growth

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